Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Frequent Massage

  • Reduce chronic muscle pain, cramps, spasms, and migraine pain
  • Reduce anxiety and depression by calming the nervous system
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Promote energy by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer
  • Promote a good night’s sleep and improve concentration
  • Enhance immunity by clearing the lymph system of old antibodies so that the body can replenish with fresh antibodies which fight disease
  • Decrease swelling by clearing the muscle tissue of toxins
  • Decrease scar tissue adhesions and promote tissue regeneration

What Are the Benefits of a 90 Minute Massage?

  • All of your body parts are connected! The amount of pain being felt in one area may be masking other areas of tension.
  • The body often times will shift to relieve pain in one area, and that shift causes tension in other muscles. A full massage is important to identify and address all of the areas needing work.
  • The mind may have trouble relaxing while the knots are being worked on. A full 90 minute massage allows time for meditation so that your mind will become clear and centered.
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